Our Writers

We've gathered a team of diverse writers who are living the unplugged life and have survived to tell the tale. They are kind enough to contribute to this space and we couldn't be more grateful. We think you'll enjoy getting to know this talented group. 


Chloe is a stay-at-home wife expecting her first child in late September. She is passionate about exploring creativity through fresh food, her sewing machine, and writing her family’s story. She is continuing to find her path to a simpler, more authentic life with her husband and baby on board.

Jessie Bryson lives in Pacific Northwest Washington. You can find her at LunaPacifica, where she chronicles her unique spirituality and the seasonal lifestyle of her family.

Jonah Lisa Dyer is a former actress and stand-up comic who left New York City for a life in the Idaho mountains as a mother and screenwriter. Her blog, Jonah Lisa Land, is a repository for massive rationalizations, underdeveloped parenting theories, outrageous things her kids say, humourous observations of small-town life, half-assed homesteading, hardware store craft projects, recipes you can make with a kid hanging on your leg and the occasional peek inside the life of an almost famous (Hysteria opens this fall!) screenwriter.

Stephen Dyer is an award-winning journalist and screenwriter who strives to take a nap every day and periodically rob that bank known as “Hollywood.” He is aided in this quest by living in the middle of nowhere and, fortuitously, by the fact that regular napping generates endless random ideas that might lead to movies. He is haunted by the prospect that this lifestyle will one day land him penniless and without shelter, but has faith that God will not allow him to fall too far—certainly not further than assistant manager at Arby’s. “Hysteria,” an original screenplay he wrote with his wife, will premiere in September at the Toronto Film Festival.

Jaimie Franchi, an American expat, is a freelance writer and editor living in Montreal.  A single mom to two young daughters, she’s on a continual quest to live a simple, creative, and self-sufficient life, and she blogs about her family’s journey at Two Chicks and a Hen. She’s also a regular contributor at Simple Kids and, beginning July 2011, Little Acorn Learning.

Nicole Kraft lives in the Pacifc Northwest with her husband, their two sons and a lively Australian Shepherd.  With a background in Health Psychology and Ayurvedic Medicine, Nicole created the blog Natural Health at Home with her husband Alex, a practicing Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist. Most of the time you'll find her in the kitchen whipping up a healthy, allergen-free meal, but she also enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.

Sage is an American expat living the simple life in the happiest country in the world.  Her blog, Sage & Simple is a showcase for her photos, vegetarian recipes, travel adventures, thrifted treasures, and the joys and challenges of living abroad in Denmark.  
Carrie Sanford is a mama, wife, educator, artist, knitter, activist, cook, loudmouth. She enjoys making things with her own two hands, hiking, yoga, red wine, good food, reading, writing, playing, and being with good friends. She blogs about food and life in a small northwest town an Rhubarb Sky.

Kimberly is passionate about her faith, her family and her farm.  As a born and bred city girl turned farmgirl she is constantly learning and trying new things.  She believes that success and true happiness come from living your dreams and that life is better when lived slower.  Kimberly can usually be found cooking in her kitchen, playing with her kids, chasing chickens, or spending endless hours milking her cow.  She blogs at Kimberly's Cup

Elaine Nichols lives in the beautiful, magical Pacific Northwest. She is a mother, a fiber artist, a crafter, a photographer, an earth steward, a food alchemist, a practitioner of radical gratitude and a lover of all things bohemian. Her life is centered around creativity, food, family and community; and living, breathing, and eating consciously. She blogs about all this and more, at www.radicalrollingpin.com.