About Us

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We are Adam, Heather and Emily. A homeschooling, small New England city living family that enjoys an active life, together. We are two busy working parents, one team sports loving girl, and a sweet pup named Sukha who is happy to be along for the ride. 

We also have three guinea pigs named Alice, Stanley and Parsley and a kitty named Hazel. They guard the home front while the rest of us adventure.  

What is Unplugged Sunday?

It's about setting aside one day a week to enjoy nature, each other, and all things slow and unplugged. Please visit this post for a little more detail on how we do it, and visit this post to further understand the inspiration behind it all.

Life is busy isn't it? We're going in many directions, with countless responsibilities and goals.  If we don't schedule it, time passes and we forget to pause, recharge, and connect with loved ones in a peaceful way. 

Our family has hiked together since before Emily was walking... but recently we have made a once a week commitment to slow down, unplug from the internet and TV, and get out in nature. 

In addition to hiking, Unplugged Sunday sometimes finds us lingering in a cafe or thrift store, finishing a novel, listening to music, or cooking a favorite meal. All things that nourish and relax us, all things that we can do together. 
Adam grew up choosing between three television channels (one being PBS) and acres of remote wilderness a short walk beyond his back door. Although Dick Cavett beckoned, trout streams and tall trees held the sweeter Siren song for a boy known to carry up to three "Rambo" style knives... just in case.

Now yoked with an urban home and adult responsibilities in a less than remote part of America, those early days of virtual deprivation make the transition to Unplugged Sunday a natural success, and a necessary return to Adam's foundation of real life. A (mostly) reformed gear junkie, Adam still carries a pack on nearly every hike, but at least now it weighs less than he does.

I believe a life led simply and deliberately is a life fulfilled. Yoga, cooking, thrifting, sewing, drawing, homeschooling, mothering and hiking keep me busy and happy. Each day I seek to balance the necessities of life with a touch of humorous grace. I can also be found blogging many times each week at Beauty That Moves.

Travel along with us a we journal our Unplugged Sundays right here...

We have a wonderful team of contributing writers that add (in rotation) to this site weekly. Be sure to check out their bios!