Monday, April 25, 2011

Settling Into Our Unplugged Sunday Groove

Written by Heather
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I have so many thoughts about how our newly committed Sunday routine feels for our family, but I think I'm going to wait to share those. For now, we are still marveling at the newness of our unplugged experience. I shared some thoughts last week, but I think a little more time should pass before I attempt deeper reflections.

We have always been a hiking/camping kind of family. But this new intention behind our approach is so mindful, almost ritualistic. A full day, once a week, to unplug from types of technology that feel like a drain to us... and come together as a family in nature (and at home). So simple, yet the effects are not so simple at all. They are really quite profound.

Do you read Renee's blog, FIMBY? She is a busy lady at the moment as her family is preparing to move from Maine back to their homeland of Canada. You can read more about why they are moving here. Renee and her family have been deeply inspiring to my own, they have a practice of getting out in nature together, one day a week. I thought this was a beautiful idea. Her husband Damien writes a fantastic blog called Adventure in Progress where he (and Renee sometimes!) share their family's experiences in the woods. (This is a blog your husbands will love ladies!) Just how cool is the Tougas family? Check out this backcountry sledding video they made! (I think they should go into the business of hosting family adventure vacations... Renee?)

So that is a little more behind the motivation and inspiration of our newly once a week, committed day of unplugging and getting out in nature. A welcome appointment for this gear loving, trail seeking family of ours.

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