Friday, September 16, 2011

Unplugged Sunday -An Invitation

Written by Heather

From the beginning, our vision for Unplugged Sunday has been one of community. We imagined a place of diverse interpretations and manifestations of an idea.

There are so many ways to leave it all behind you once a week, to drop into the moment with family, a friend, or yourself.

For our family, unplugging from the Internet is the most critical factor. Some people don't really use the Internet much during the week and would like nothing more than to curl up on a weekend afternoon with a cup of tea and their laptop. To them, surfing blogs, checking out new music, or skyping with friends is the perfect way to unwind. 

Maybe the one thing they really need is to just be home, computer and all.

We definitely use our car as part of our unplugged day. We live in an area that we do not love, so getting out of town is almost always on the agenda. Other people welcome one day a week of not being on the road. I have two friends that do that. For one of them it's part of their religious practice, for the other it's more aligned with this "take a break" mindset that we share here. For the both of them, their door is usually wide open on their "no car day," happy to receive visitors in their home... they just won't be venturing out in a car themselves. They love it. Once a week, no car.

What about you? Where do you fit in to all this?

Everybody has their unique spin on Unplugged Sunday. For some, it doesn't even happen on Sunday, for others it isn't a full day. And the activities (or deliberate absence of)... well, therein lies tremendous variety as well. We believe the more variety, the better.

We would like to invite 8-10 people to join our inspiring group of regular writers. A while back I put the call out for people to guest contribute (a one time sort of thing), and so many of you were interested! So I put together a very thorough, multi-page pdf and emailed it off to everyone who expressed an interest... no response. I think my overly detailed Virgo self scared everyone off! I'm very sorry about that... sheesh... But I assure you, this is a very laid back group to be a part of. I think any of our writers would attest to that.

So I've revised that way too long pdf and am including it as a download today. Check it out, and I hope you are inspired to connect with us. 

Click here for download: Unplugged Sunday - An Invitation

We have one day a week opening up in our editorial calendar and feel the best way to fill it would be with a variety of stories, the tales of your unplugged moments and days. An ever growing community of regularly contributing storytellers. 

Wondering why all the cupcakes? It's 40 degrees here this morning! I've got baking on my mind.

We are planning some seriously crisp, sunny, bug-free hiking this weekend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, on whatever trail you travel down. 

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