Friday, October 7, 2011

Do What You Love

Written by Heather

Last weekend we thought we'd leave her at home. 

Sukha has come to love our weekly hikes. She knows the sight of backpacks by the front door and all the exciting fresh air goodness they signify. On this day however, we had plans to hike and canoe. The latter being something we have not practiced with her yet,  a chilly October lake did not feel like the environment any of us wanted to work out the learning curve. Just in case...

Saying goodbye to her was a sad state of affairs (well, for two of the three family members), with her little head cocked to the side and those sad, knowing eyes.

Yeah... I couldn't do it. I couldn't leave her at home. She loves her Sundays in the woods as much as we do.

Determined to get his canoe ride on, I told Adam I'd stay behind with Sukha, I had studying to do anyway.

I'm in school right now and my workload runs anywhere from 12-20 hours a week, depending on what I can give. The program that I'm attending is almost entirely book-based, the computer is needed very little. 

I happen to love what I am studying which makes for a perfect  unplugged activity. 

So, as my husband and daughter set off on the lake after a beautiful family (pup included) hike, Sukha and I hung back and cracked the books. Actually, she was pretty tuckered from hiking and slept while I studied the liver, pancreas and kidneys. 

That must sound so boring, but I was happy! Sitting in my car, just off the trail with the sweet smell of fresh cedar all around me - I enjoyed this wide open block of time to study something that I love. 

Truth be told, I enjoyed the hour of solitude as well - everyone benefits from solitude.

It made me think how perfect an activity my schoolwork is for  Unplugged Sunday. The fact that it's a practical pursuit is an afterthought. 

It's something I love, and is free of technology. Two things I crave once a week.

I got to thinking about other learning activities that can be explored on this set apart day. That is the beauty of all this, right? An open window of time... full of possibility.

A few things I'd like to learn/do:

  • Stock up my winter remedy chest - Emily has inspired me to think about that and to continue stretching my herbal knowledge. Frugal Granola has written a wonderful e-book that offers basic information and recipes for family herbal preparations. We used it quite a bit in our homeschool last year.
  • There is still a great deal of canning to be done with the baskets of pears and apples on my side porch. Perhaps I should take the time to incorporate a few new recipes this year.
  • I see cold process soapmaking in my future. Something I've wanted to do for years, and have even collected all the supplies for. 

The rhythm of this unplugged day brings with it a certain quiet; a comfortable space to learn and grow and not worry about the time of day or what is next on the to do list. 

There is a lot of living and learning, or doing what you love, that can happen here.

We just have to include our zen pup Sukha, she'll follow wherever the unplugged road leads. 

I'm curious, what sort of activity could you see yourself pursuing if you had the time? 
If you followed your heart?

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