Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Start Dreaming by Wednesday

Written by Heather

It has been just a few weeks since we committed to slow down one day a week and come together as a family, enjoying nature and one another. 

I start dreaming about our weekly unplugged day by about Wednesday. It is so nice have this to look forward to. We don't really feel the need for this day due to lack of time together, we are really pretty good at that already. We felt the need first and foremost for unplugged time, mostly from the computer. My work is largely computer based these days and I wanted  to just look away for 24 hours a week. I pitched the idea to my family, they seemed to understand. Also, living in a place where connecting with nature involves a car ride and a little planning ahead, it is easy to let this ever so important part of our lives slip from our daily routine. 

Making it a practice to unplug for one day a week, and use some of that time to get lost in the woods has been  a much needed healing balm. I am appreciating the idea tonight, as we prepare our packs and our plans for tomorrow. One final check at the weather before bed and I won't turn the computer back on until Monday. I am a new woman. 

My hope is to journal here once a week about our Unplugged Sunday. 

There may be a second post each week if I'm inspired, and I'd love for my husband to join me in writing here (he's a much better writer than I am), and perhaps my daughter too... I'm not sure if that will happen though. It seems right to keep the whole thing pretty relaxed, letting it  evolve as it should.

Okay, off to bed, tomorrow's weather:
Sunday: Mostly sunny, some late day clouds. Low: 40. High: 71. 

Since originally writing this post, we've made committed plans for this site that include regularly scheduled posting from both Adam and I. 

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