Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Crafty Before the Hike

Written by Heather

I think the finest thing about unplugging has to be the absence of time. It'll take a while for all of us to disengage completely, but these first glimpses we are experiencing have been pure bliss.

Last Sunday, we woke early and naturally... showered and headed to the flea market. A few goodies were found, including some pretty as can be vintage fabric for my collection. I haven't sewn in awhile, and the new fabric inspired crafty talk when we returned home.


Adam has been wanting a case to house his fly rod while hiking for quite some time now. Something simple and lightweight to slip into his pack, with two or three sections - his rod comes apart into shorter pieces. With no agenda in sight (other than one of leisure), it was a perfect morning to finally pick up a piece of linen and get stitching - with a little sewing from each of us.



He is very pleased. Of course (as is true with any prototype - ahem), there may be one or two more attempts before he calls it perfect. But is certainly does the job in he meantime, and it is nice to have finally started (and completed!) a project he's been wanting to make for ages but "couldn't find the time." On this day, we had nothing but time.










The hike was glorious, and the fishing was good too!

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