Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to Unplugged Sunday

Written by Heather

About four months ago our family felt pulled to make a change. 

Perhaps a little antsy from a long and hard winter, more likely just tired from the ins and outs of daily living. Adam and I were definitely entering the not so pretty territory of "Is this it? Is this our life?"


Our desire to create change of the slowed down, unplugged variety was born from a couple of things:

  1. We love the natural world yet live in an urban location. Our location can be trying at times for those with a country spirit. We needed a lot more time outdoors than we were getting, and felt a weekly devotion (trail side) was in desperate order for peace, balance, and overall wellness.
  2. Our family of three uses computers throughout everyday. We noticed that although we love technology in the form of high speed internet for work, homeschool, and fun - we also felt its artificial nature permeate our lives and our home.
We needed a healthier balance between the two.

Surely, one day a week we could do without computers, TV, and other devices. And without question we needed more time spent in nature, or at home engaging in thoughtful quiet activities, together.


Unplugged Sunday was born.

It became an instant tradition for our family and we all look forward to it as each week comes to a close. Now, no matter what meetings, deadlines or lessons need tending to in our day to day, we have a time that is set apart to look forward to each week.

To understand a bit more behind our motivation and intention, please visit the About Us page. In addition to Adam and I writing here weekly, we will be joined by a talented group of writers who we feel very proud to be associated with. 

Aside from that, we hope some time spent looking around this site will continue to paint the picture for you.


There will be new posts here each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and we will be over on Twitter and Facebook too, we'd love for you to please join us there! It would also mean so much to us if you would follow this blog... we promise to do our best to keep a diverse collection of unplugged stories coming. 


The five general themes our posts will follow are:

We will also maintain a page to organize helpful Getting Started posts for those of you interested in adding more unplugged days or afternoons to your households.


And as always, with any blog, sharing your voice in the comments is the perfect way to let our writers know you are enjoying their words. Feel free to ask questions too! 

Enjoy looking around, and please tell us what you think! 

Our first Contributing Writer will be here tomorrow, so be sure to stop in for a visit. 

A word about comments - we are using Disqus for our comment system to allow threaded comments (which I love) on blogger. To leave your full information (link back to your blog, etc) it looks like you need to do a quick and free sign up with Disqus. You can do that right in the comments - if you skip that step, you can comment just the same, but without active links to your blog. The jury is still out on whether or not this is the perfect system for us. 

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