Monday, August 8, 2011

Almost a Rainy Sunday

Written by Adam

This summer has been hot and dry in New England. Not Texas hot and dry, but enough that I long for a nice rainy day.

Like a good snowstorm, a rainy Sunday grants license to completely unwind and poke around the house doing nothing of consequence.

The Weatherman predicted heavy showers Saturday night into Sunday, and was dutifully correct. We skipped the air conditioner to enjoy rainfall outside of an open window. The heavy drops provided nature's soothing white noise, so much so that we slept in well past our usual time. 

Waking up way behind "schedule," we got right to work on a cup of java and some long conversation while listening to the maple and magnolia leaves receive a refreshing rinse. 

I loosely planned a day of wandering leisure, enjoying the rainfall and catching up on indoor activities. I am reading too many books right now, so it was a good day to knock a couple off. My hobby area was in complete disarray, and gear needed sorting and evaluation as well.

Indeed, it was shaping up to be a productively relaxing day. For lunch, we ate blueberry pancakes and discussed the finer points of our summer produce from the garden.

Then the sun came out. It was a back and forth battle for a couple of hours, but eventually the sun won, shining hot and bright. The steam rising off the neighbor's roof foretold of the heavy humidity on tap for the remainder of the day.

Now I felt obligated to go outside and do something. The moist air instantly draped itself over me like a thick, wet cloak, forcing a retreat back inside.  Now what?

I replaced the work table in my hobby area and started arranging things. Put some laundry away and straightened my closet. Washed some dishes in the sink. Stared at the wall. Wept. Well maybe not that.

I decided that clinging to the rainy day ambiance was doomed to failure, so a change in attitude was necessary. I loaded the canoe.  

I know I wrote how being in the canoe on a hot day is just another hot activity. It is also a relatively effortless one, and the humidity dictated conservation of motion. A quick float would do just fine.

We went to the local reservoir and paddled around easily and quietly as the sun set behind the trees. It was just what the doctored ordered. My restlessness from a rainy turned sunny and humid Sunday, was cured. 

By the end of our jaunt, I was glad we almost had a rainy day.

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