Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy to Share With You

Written by Heather

Photo by Nicole

Today I am busy meeting a couple of deadlines, so the post I wanted to share with you will have to wait until next Friday. But I still want to leave you with some inspiring material and news from a few of our writers to head into your weekend with. 

Enjoy your visits with them, and be sure to say hello if you have the time!

Nicole - Based on the wild interest of her post, Be Prepared for the Trail: Make Your Own Bug Repellent, Nicole is sharing the follow-up recipe for a spray version (as you requested!) on her blog. Now you can Make Your Own Bug Repellent Spray!

Photo by Renee

Damien and Renee - What can I say about this husband and wife team? If ever you are lacking inspiration or motivation on creating the life of your dreams, spend a little time reading about the Tougas family adventures and you will see more clearly what truly matters in life. Currently, they are on a two week trip out west (sans children, a second honeymoon and business trip) as "Working Media" at Outdoor Retailer

Photo by Renee

Also on their trip they are fitting in some hiking, adventuring, and have enjoyed the hospitality of friends along the way. Their entire trip is being hosted by various friends they've met through blogging! And people say these online friendships aren't real...

Photo by Renee

To read more about this wonderful adventure they are on, through his and her perspective:

Photo by Renee

Wishing you a wonderful time this weekend, wherever the adventure may take you. 

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